solaris does not boot from cd

solaris does not boot from cd

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I have a SPARCstation5 running Solaris 2.6. When this machine boots it
starts o.k. but hangs after starting the rpc services. It is possible to
make a ping to the Sparcstation but a telnet has no success.
Trying to boot the Workstation from CD ROM does not work either.

Where is the problem?

Thanks a lot


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1. SparcII + Solaris 2.6 + CD drive = not booting from CD

I have a SparcII and an old ('95) 4x external Toshiba CDROM drive in a 411
case.  yesterday i was clean installing Solaris 2.6 onto the system from
CDROM when i started getting errors.  it was at the point after
installation, reboot, and then it launches CDE to complete installation.  so
i figured i'd boot from CD again and start over.  at this point i started
getting this:

Rebooting with command: cdrom

Can't read disk label.
Can't open disk label package
Can't open boot device

any ideas?  is this cdrom incompatible with Solaris 2.6?  i installed 2.6 on
this system before without any problems, although i stopped being able to
boot off my 2.5.1 CD after that.  i figured the 2.5.1 disc was bad, but
maybe 2.6 made the drive unhappy.  or maybe the drive is kaput.

also, i just replaced the nvram chip a few months ago.  i don't know if
that's important to this issue.


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