Berkeley db v1.85 compile problem.

Berkeley db v1.85 compile problem.

Post by Michael F. Oryl Jr » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have been trying to compile Berkeley db v1.85 on my Solaris x86 v2.5
box for use with Sendmail v8.8.5 virtual user tables and am running into

I've done this on SunOS v4 boxes, but never on Solaris.

Anyway, when I try to compile the 'test' program (not the lib itself) I
get complaints about missing include files.  I didn't get any such
complaints when I compiled the library itself.

First it was db.h, which I obviously had just forgotten to copy into
/usr/include like the README says.

Then is was sys/cdefs.h, which I found in the includ directory of the db
directory structure that I copied into /usr/include/sys.

Now, I am getting complaints about useful.h and conf.h, and I have no
idea what they are or where they come from.

Any ideas?


-Michael F. Oryl Jr.
 President, Intersphere Communications Ltd.    Corporate          Personal


1. Possible cause? Berkeley-DB v1.85 btree failure?


I hope someone has seen this when building Berkeley-DB 1.85 on Solaris
2.5.1. I plan to use the resulting libdb.a with sendmail 8.8.*.

The library failed test 12 (btree). Is this normal? I can use the lib to
build database files (makemap) in the hash format but obviously the btree
functionality should not be trusted.

Does anyone have a recommendation of how to correct this? Compiler is
newly installed gcc

dk smith

dk smith                                     MediaWeb, Inc.

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