[Q}: Using Magneto-Optical drive with Solaris 2.2???

[Q}: Using Magneto-Optical drive with Solaris 2.2???

Post by Kenny B » Fri, 01 Oct 1993 12:18:34

Hi all!

I'm trying to hook up a Magneto-Optical drive (Fujitsu M2511A) to my
Sparc LX running Solaris 2.2 and I have a few questions.

If I set the MO drive to "fixed disk" mode, everything is fine.  I
can format(using format) and newfs the cartridge/media. Then I can
mount it as if it's the real ~100Meg hard drive.

If the drive is set to "MO" mode and I reboot the system with
"boot -r".  Solaris will see it and make correct device entries
for it under /dev

But then, I can't access the drive no matter what I do.  I try to put
an entry in /etc/vold.conf and make it to act like a FD, but it
does not work.

How can I go about to set this up? Or it's just impossible.
I've read a lot of Solaris documents and manuals but there
is none for this subject.  If you know anything about this,
I'd really appreciate some hints/pointers.  I will post

BTW, Have anyone done this before?
The reason I want to setup the drive as a MO device, because I
want to use it with "vold".


Kenny Bui       KC6NVW