Filters, Filters, where are you Filters...

Filters, Filters, where are you Filters...

Post by Luis Ana » Sat, 09 Sep 1995 04:00:00


Where can I get other filters besides postscript???  I'm trying
to print from a laserjet printer but the only filter I've got
has been for postscript files.  I only have an hpleaserjet without
the postscript module.




1. filtering proxy with anti-virus filter?


We have a university network here and lots of problems with infected files
downloaded from websites. We have licenses for anti-virus software
(sophos), and now I wonder if there are any experiences in using such
filters together with a proxy (e.g. squid) to clean up the web traffic. I
don't want to filter the content by keywords, urls etc(!!), just no viruses
and trojans any more.. (currently all Microsoft-based machines are blocked
from the internet as we found no reasonable way to secure them).

Thank you, CU Lars.

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