Problem with Windows NT print queues

Problem with Windows NT print queues

Post by Mika Vahvelaine » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone else encountered a problem like this:

Print queues that are managed by a Windows NT Server sometimes disappear
from Solaris 2.4. This may happen after several hours and strangely,
after setting up new queues also some of the old queues reappear.


1. Print to Windows NT - Waiting Queue to Be Enabled?

Did you allow your FreeBSD-Box to print to your NT machine? On NT there
is surely an equivalent to /etc/hosts.lpd.

How does your entry in /etc/printcap looks like? Did you put the right
printername to "rp="? What's the output of "lpq -Pprinter" ?

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