Solaris 1 strange inetd behaviour

Solaris 1 strange inetd behaviour

Post by stefano.bonac.. » Wed, 12 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Operating System: Solaris 1
DNEWS Version: Solaris 1
Customer Registration Code: Solaris 1

Hello all
I have a strange problem regarding inetd on a Solaris 1 machine.
Sometimes, when trying to rsh or rlogin to that machine I got a
"connection refuse" message, but the telnet works fine.
Tracing the inetd it seems no rsh call is coming to the host,
but with an etherfind I can see the rsh request.
The workaround: I kill and restart inetd

ANy idea?
Thanks in advance for your help

Stefano Bonacina
Central R&D
SGS-Thomson micr.


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I experienced strange behaviour of inetd and ftpd running SuSE6.2.
I set up an ftp server on one of our servers and allowed everybody in our
intranet to connect to it. I started downloading a file from the serve onto my
local machine and the connection was suddenly dropped.

I examined the /var/log/messaged file on the server and I found the following

Nov  3 16:57:18 fw wu.ftpd[5864]: connect from
Nov  3 16:57:19 fw wu.ftpd[5866]: connect from
Nov  3 16:57:20 fw wu.ftpd[5868]: connect from
Nov  3 16:57:21 fw inetd[207]: ftp/tcp server failing (looping), service

What does this mean?
I repeated the operation and I got the same result again.
My ftpd version:
Version wu-2.4.2-academ[BETA-18](1) Sat Aug 7 12:51:21 GMT 1999

Any ideas?


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