Weekly SunFlash March 20th, 1995

Weekly SunFlash March 20th, 1995

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                       SunFlash March 20th, 1995


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   * 87.01: March 28th: Sunergy Broadcast:
            Java Development on the Web (4 pages)
   * 87.02: Enhanced Warranty For SPARCcenter 2000E Systems (2 pages)
   * 87.03: SoftWindows 2.0 (3 pages)
   * 87.04: Sun Ultra 1 and Sun Ultra 2 Upgrades (2 pages)
   * 87.05: Solstice FireWall-1 2.0 And Solstice FireWall-1 2.0 VPN
            (6 pages)


87.01 March 28th: Sunergy Broadcast: Java Development on the Web



     Rebroadcast to the US MARCH 28, 1996 - 9:00-10:00 am Pacific Time (This
     will be a rebroadcast via satellite to the United States, Canada and
     Mexico of a earlier live broadcast from Singapore.)

     Sunergy 20 investigates the Java programming language and SunSoft's new
     Java development tools designed for web authoring and web centric
     application development. Case studies from around the world will
     highlight, in different ways, the demand for next generation software
     tools, languages and environments for creating inter-networking and
     intra-networking services for government, education and industry.

87.02 Enhanced Warranty For SPARCcenter 2000E Systems

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces an enhanced warranty
     for the SPARCcenter (TM) 2000E server, offering one of the most
     comprehensive bundled warranties in the industry. The enhanced warranty
     improves on-site response time from two business days to four hours,
     telephone response time from eight hours to four hours, and bundles
     hardware/software installation services.

87.03 SoftWindows 2.0

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces Soft Windows (TM)
     2.0, continued enhancement of its PC Desktop Integration (PCDI) product
     line. SoftWindows 2.0 is Insignia's latest software emulation
     technology for running MS-DOS and Microsoft PC Windows applications.
     This new release provides customers increased performance and
     functionality over the earlier release. The latest SoftWindows release
     provides a high degree of MS-DOS and MS Windows compatibility and
     functionality when running PC applications. SoftWindows 2.0 provides
     low-end 486 class performance when running on the latest SMCC SPARC
     (TM)/UltraSPARC (TM) configuration.

87.04 Sun Ultra 1 and Sun Ultra 2 Upgrades

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces Sun (TM) Ultra (TM)
     2 system upgrades and the repricing of select Sun Ultra 1 Model 140 and
     170E system upgrades.

87.05 Solstice FireWall-1 2.0 And Solstice FireWall-1 2.0 VPN

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces Solstice (TM)
     FireWall-1 (TM) 2.0, a flexible security software product that gives
     organizations transparent access to the Internet, while protecting
     against unauthorized access. FireWall-1 can be used both to control
     external and internal Internet gateways, and also gateways, firewalls
     and servers internal to an organization.


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