StarOffice & AnswerBook won't work after installing Netscape

StarOffice & AnswerBook won't work after installing Netscape

Post by Edward L » Tue, 23 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi all. :-)

I am new to Solaris.
My installation of the x86 Solaris 7 was a VERY smooth ride. :-)

After I installed the OS, I installed the AnswerBook which was on the
Solaris Doc CD.
I then install the StarOffice 5.0

Every thing is working so far, but I wanted to use Netscape to view the
AnswerBook, so I installed the Netscape Communicator 4.5 (via the
WebStart). After I restarted the computer, and...


The AnswerBook doesn't work now (can't load it some how, I think). Also
my StarOffice couldn't start as well. But Netscape works good.

So I uninstalled the Netscape, and everything back to normal (they all
worked again). :-)

I *can* live without Netscape, but since I used to it, and want to keep
using it. I'm looking for a way to make Netscape work *peacefully* with
StarOffice 5.0 and AnswerBook under Solaris 7. Could anyone please,
please help me?

Thank you soo much!



1. Answerbook installed but won't work

     What I have:  Solaris 2.3 on a Sparc1
     I have installed the Answerbook (AB) for 2.3 for the following sections:
            Referance Manual
            Systems Adminstation Manual
            Hardware Manual
    The installation was for "heavy" use, i.e. everything was tranferred to
  disk so there is no reliance upon the CD.
    When AB starts up it complains about not being able to find the Referance
  Manual and the Systems Adminstration Manual.  It says to check the 'card
  catalogue' entry is not correct but I have no clue how to change the card
  catalogue and no clue on where it is!
    Everything works fine if the CD is loaded (this is how I initially
  installed it weeks ago. Now that I have another drive, I re-installed to
  the new drive and have verified that directories and files DO exist on
  the new filesytem and seem to  be complete.

    Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

[ As a 12 year vet of BSD, who must now learn SVR4, I'd appreciate pointers
  to good books relating to the kernel architecture  -thanks again]


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