Driver: Adding msgs to a queue.

Driver: Adding msgs to a queue.

Post by Hadee Akhan » Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:00:00


I wrote a driver that screens IP packets and I attached the driver to
the network interfaces(i.e. below IP layer). I need to capture some msgs
from the stream and put them in a separate queue and later I'll release
them again to the downstream. I also need some kindda control over the

So far, I tried to create my own queue with my own structure(other than
queue_t), and after copying(copymsg) the msg, when I tried to add it to
the queue, it crushes the computer.  Then I tried with queue_t
structure, and use put/srv routines, it didn't work either. I'm missing
something. Please help me.

Thanks for noticing my problem.