Problems booting off CD-ROM for 2.6 on Pentium

Problems booting off CD-ROM for 2.6 on Pentium

Post by Edward Valenti » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00


I just recently tried to install solaris 2.6 on
a Pentium with 2 EIDE Hard Drives and a CD-ROM.  
The installation seems to go fine (i.e. all
the devices seem to be configured properly in
the configuration assistant) but then when it
comes time to boot the solaris kernel from the
CD-ROM, it starts to churn and then all of a
sudden it freezes and says BOOT PANIC, and outputs
about 10 lines of hex garbage.  At this point only
a cold restart works, cntrl-alt-delete seems to
be disabled here as well.

I have repeated this experiment with both the
original boot disk that came in the package
and a NEW one I downloaded off the web from
suns site, and both have the same problem..

Does anyone have any experience with this?  
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.



1. problem booting off the CD-ROM on Multia

I got myself a used Multia, and I am trying to install some flavor of
Red Hat on it. I would like to boot the external SCSI CD-ROM, but I do
not see the CD-ROM device or even the hard drive device in the SRM "show

I see dva0, ewa0 and pka0. Where is my hard drive? Where is my CD-ROM?

At first, I didn't have the CD-ROM, just the internal 1.2 gig hard
drive, but SRM didn't tell me anything about it. ARC shows me
multi(0)disk(0)fdisk(0) (the floppy I guess) and also
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0) (the hard disk?). Having the SCSI CD-ROM or not
doesn't make a difference in ARC (I suspected a SCSI ID conflict, I do
not know the SCSI ID of the internal disk).

I tried booting with floppy, but had some problem with it (install
program deadlocking after the "set root password" part), but it saw the
hard disk well. I am going to try again the boot floppy, to take a look
at /proc/scsi/scsi if it sees the CD-ROM or not...

I might switch to Debian for the Alpha, but that would be a first for
me, I was thinking that I'd ease my introduction to the Alpha world by
reducing the number of "firsts" to a minimum... :-)

Thanks a lot!

Pierre Phaneuf

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