timer and signal handlers

timer and signal handlers

Post by Cheryl Dematte » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I'm working on a program which uses quick-threads under solaris.  The
virtual timer is not working properly.  Anyone out there have experience
with signal handlers and the virtual timer under solaris 2.4?

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1. Signal handlers inside signal handlers

Greetings Netters,

Unfortunately, the project I'm working on requires I mess with nested signal
handlers, and I've checked out obvious manuals and the POSIX std for clues,
but I'm having no luck.

What I'm trying to do is within a signal handler, plant another handler.
For example

#include        blah blah blah

foo2( int signo )
        printf("Caught the second sigalrm\n");

foo1( int signo )
        printf("Caught the first sigalrm\n");
        signal( SIGARLM, foo2 );

        for (;;)

        signal( SIGALRM, foo1 );

        /* Wait for the first alarm */

The above program when run, prints the message from function foo1
but never reaches foo2.  Note that my project dictates that I can't
exit foo2, until foo1 has run.
I've tried messing with posix signals (sigaction etc), but have the
same problem.

Has anyone tried to do this sort of thing before??

Thanks in advance,
Scott Wallace

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