Solstice X.25 9.2 Link status: LAPB Link 0 is in state ADM

Solstice X.25 9.2 Link status: LAPB Link 0 is in state ADM

Post by rafaroldanp.. » Tue, 25 Oct 2005 17:22:07

Hy all,

I have a problem when I am trying to start the x.25 network.

I have a temporary license, so I have to install a new valid license
file each month. It has always worked fine until now. This last time,
when I pulled down the Network Menu (of the x25tool) and clicked on
Start X.25, I checked that the link status (using linkstate
application) was in the following state (instead of the NORMAL state):
Mon Oct 24 09:52:28 2005: LAPB Link 0 is in state ADM

Do you know what should be the problem? How can I resolve it?

Thank you very much


1. Solstice x.25 9.2

Hi all,
I try to setup the Solstice X.25  v.9.2 package on a solaris 7 system in
order to connect through X. 25 over TCP/IP an overseas server. I've
installed several packages from the CD (selection 1, and 6-10 of the
list below), but don't know how to use it...
I did'nt install LLC2, because I know that protocol is not routable.
Anybody's help is very appreciate.

  1  SUNWlicsw     FLEX License Manager Software and Utilites
(sparc) 5.0
  2  SUNWlit       STE License Installation Tool     (sparc) 5.0
  3  SUNWllc       LLC2 driver and its initialization programs
(sparc) 11.7.0,REV=1999.
  4  SUNWllcr      LLC2 driver configuration and startup files
(sparc) 11.7.0,REV=1999.
  5  SUNWllcx      LLC2 64bit driver    (sparc)
  6  SUNWx25a      X.25 kernel modules and include files for
Solaris/SPARC    (sparc) 9.2
  7  SUNWx25ax     64 bit X.25 kernel modules for Solaris/SPARC
(sparc) 9.2
  8  SUNWx25b      X.25 user programs and libraries for Solaris/SPARC
(sparc) 9.2
  9  SUNWx25bx     64-bit X.25 libraries for Solaris/SPARC   (sparc) 9.2

 10  SUNWx25lt     Solstice X.25 License Configuration Data (sparc) 9.2


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