mmap(), Solaris 2.1 x86, and > real memory.

mmap(), Solaris 2.1 x86, and > real memory.

Post by David Holla » Sat, 22 Jan 1994 03:13:48


Hopefully someone can answer this for me.

Is it possible to mmap() addresses that are greater than real memory?

I'm trying to mmap the 4MB linear appature on a Mach32 VLB board back
into user address space.  The usual location the Mach32 board decodes
its appature is at 124Mb, obviously there's not that much memory in the
machine.  So is there a way to mmap() from 124Mb to 128Mb back into
user space?

a basic open()/mmap() of /dev/mem doesn't allow it. It returns
the expect error (Invalid address or something like that).
The /dev/vtXX devices only seem to allow access from 0xA0000, to 0xFFFFF.

Perhaps there's a ioctl() someplace that I'm missing that tells
the memory device driver to turn off its range checking?

Many thanks!

David Holland
David Holland

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Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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