Anon-FTP problem solved

Anon-FTP problem solved

Post by Paul Pomes - UofIllinois CC » Sat, 21 Aug 1993 10:42:33

How I wish I'd seen this article three weeks ago:

Newsgroups: comp.unix.solaris
Subject: Re: Permission check for devices on NFS fs broken (Solaris 2.2)?
Date: 18 Aug 1993 21:19:32 +0200
Organization: Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

With Solaris 2, nosuid implies that device special files aren't honored
either. Another thing done right with Solaris 2.

This also means that the home directory for ~ftp cannot be on a disk
mounted with the nosuid option.  Otherwise the ~ftp/dev/tcp and zero
special files won't work.  This should be mentioned in the ftpd man

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1. PROBLEM SOLVED-ftp access deny/anon ok

PROBLEM SOLVED -  Here's the solution....
Recap:  I administer two different Linux boxes and had this problem
with fttpd; Some account holders could ftp localhost and cd to any directory
where they had permissions, while other account holders received an "access
denied" as soon as they typed in their names at the login prompt.  However,
they could still use anonymous logins.  I checked all of the ftp* files
uch as ftpusers, etc.  After I posted here, four people led me to the

Here's the answer if you have a similar problem;
Check that /etc/shells and the /etc/ftp* files are world readable.
If you using the tcsh shell, make sure there is an entry in /etc/shells
that looks like this:  /bin/tcsh  (or whatever shell you are using.)
Next, look in the /etc/passwd file at the end of the line for each user.
The shell should be the last thing entered.  I relied on the "adduser"
program to create new accounts and the shell entry looked like this -
I changed it to agree with the way it looks in /etc/shells -
and now it works!  Many thanks to the four of you who pointed me in
the right direction.  I had no idea that /etc/shells was involved in
the problem.


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