nis(not nis+) on solaris2.1 and its setup.

nis(not nis+) on solaris2.1 and its setup.

Post by Oon-Gil Pa » Wed, 09 Jun 1993 12:12:24

Hi, I have been trying to install NIS+ as the manual book said,and
actually, it was running fine for a couple of days. Then there was
much trouble.I don't know if  NIS+ is  not buggy at all and I am
doing something wrong with the way I set it up.But I have decided
to try "nis" this time -all after I spent so much time trying to
get it working.

Is there a book for "nis setup for solaris2.1"?  Can I just apply
the same instruction of nis setup for bsd4.x to solaris2.1?
Is "nis setup" working as smoothly as it is on bsd4.x?

Help will be greatly appreciated.




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If anyone have try this combination please let me know if it work..

Here is my Question.  Again would it work if I have this combination:

One machine is NIS+ master server and the other is run NIS+ & NIS compatible mode as a slave for
NIS+ master server domain.

Any sugguestion will be appreciate

Thanks in advance

Yoom Nguyen


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