rm6.22 + E420R + Solaris8

rm6.22 + E420R + Solaris8

Post by Jean Tedesc » Fri, 01 Sep 2000 22:26:59


I installed a brand new E420R with Solaris8, connected our new A1000,
installed RM 6.11 suplied with the new A1000,  found out it was not
supported on Solaris8, removed it, installed RM6.22 and the patch  108553-02
(and 109571-02 requested by the previous one)

Now when I start the raid manager tool, I get the tools window. But when
double click on one of the tools to start it, nothing happen. I checked and
the corresponding program is running, it is even displaying a window on the
screen, but the window is stuck in "unmanaged" stage.
I talked with our local contact at sun and the advice I got was to reinstall
every thing (os+ patch + rm6.22+ patch..)

Anybody with a better idea/suggestion ?

Thank you,



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was wondering if I installed rm6 6.22.1 would it cause a problem it. It
originally had

Would it be safe to go ahead and install it?


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