File system flushing and atomic file replacement.

File system flushing and atomic file replacement.

Post by Peter McCorma » Fri, 15 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Two questions here:
(1)   What's the proper way to do an atomic replacement of a file
       which survives a power failure?
       Doing the following:
              rename (old,save)
              rename (new,old)    worked O.K
      The file old was replaced successfully by new.but
      several hours later after a power failure 'old' was
      corrupted.   I  can duplicate this situation at will
      by switching the machine off.
      Even   unlink(new), link(old,new); unlink(new) doesn't work.
      To get around the problem I've called  sync() but this is very heavy
(2)  My second question is -  Is there something wrong with the
      sync process under 2.5?    Why are changes to file systems
      uncommitted hours after the event?


File system flushing and atomic file replacement.

Post by Bryan O'Sulliva » Fri, 15 Nov 1996 04:00:00

p> (2)  My second question is -  Is there something wrong with the
p>      sync process under 2.5?

Yes.  If you have a sun4m-based system, you should install the latest
version of the 2.5 kernel jumbo patch immediately.  In fact, you
should always stay up to date on kernel jumbo patches, regardless of
the CPU type of your system.

For patch information, go to


Let us pray:
What a Great System.
Please Do Not Crash.


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