Sunos 4.1.4 lp

Sunos 4.1.4 lp

Post by Chris Alga » Sat, 10 Oct 1998 04:00:00

can anyone help in solving a disagreement?

I am runnning a print server Sunos 4.1.4, one of the printers is the other
side of a firewall.
/etc/services contins the line :

printer        515/tcp        spooler        # line printer spooler

So I say that I am printing on 515 for all printers.
Port 515 is not listening on the firewall and I can't print to the printer
on the other side.
I can print locally. The admin for the firewall says it hasn't changed, yet
I could print fine last week.

can I acurately say that this can not be true?


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Hi folks,

maybe this is a FAQ but cannot find it...

We have an HP 5si printer installed on the network connected to a
Solaris 2.4 machine. The 5si has *MANY* options, like a paper
sorting bin etc.. Through the lp options we can choose the paper
bin etc.

Software is HP JetAdmin D01.09.

Now we want to print through the Solaris spooler from a SunOS
machine. We *CAN* print remote, no problem. But we *CANNOT* use
the additional options because these are not transfered to the
Solaris printer.

Any idea?


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