Expire NIS passwords

Expire NIS passwords

Post by Willie Shee » Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:00:00

How do you force a NIS password to expire.  When I do a passwd -f it
gives me "Permission Denied", even as root.

1. NIS and (pre)expired passwords

We have one NIS master server and one slave server (both RS6000-550, AIX
3.1.5).  On the slave server, I renamed /bin/passwd to something else.
Under the name /bin/passwd I installed something which tells people to
please use yppasswd.

Suppose I create a new user.  I use smit, also to give him an initial
password (BTW, why doesn't smit prompt me for that?).  User logs in on
the slave server (he's supposed to, he has his home directory there),
using the initial password, and is immediately asked to change his
password.  He does so.  Later, he logs out and logs in again.  The new
password doesn't work.  He has to use the old initial password and is
again asked to change the password.  This goes on forever or until user
uses yppasswd to really change his password.

I guess the same will happen when a password expires, but we haven't
had the machines long enough for this to happen.

This is clearly not an acceptable situation.  What have I done wrong?


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