power failure vs slow ups battery failure

power failure vs slow ups battery failure

Post by JCarr378 » Sun, 10 Sep 1995 04:00:00

we sell ups power protection for sun machines so here goes.
1. if your ups has an rs-232 port or dry contacts on the back you can
probably buy off the shelf software for sun. making it work is simple, but
the cable can be a troublesome project.
2. Some of the vendors who make ups shutdown software are Systems
enhancements, APC, upsonics, us, ETI, Etc. All are easy to install, and
give different features. I recommend going with the easiest. Ours for
instance will give a sun script to actually reboot the computer after
power is returned thru the main power.
3. you can also buy extended batteries from most people to get like 12-24
hours of battery protection. but it takes room,
4. i recommend you get the brand name off of your ups, and call the
manufacturer, not the distributor, as it is a small sale to them and most
have no clue as to what they are selling.
5. system enhanc is in St. Louis ?

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1. power failure vs slow ups battery failure

How do UNIX/Solaris systems respond if a UPS supply
runs out of battery power and no one is available to
manually shut them down?

I know there is software to automate this, but it is
not currently available at this site and the UPS's are.

I've got several unix boxes including 2 solaris systems
running full time.  Our electrical supply is bad
enough that we probably have 15 - 20 outages a year.
Some in short order during storms; on/off/on/off ...

Fortunately, I have never noted a data loss or file
system corruption due to these failures.  But it is
just a matter of time.  It is also funny how the
various systems are different in their sensitivity
to power "flickers".


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