Printer Fault-Recovery

Printer Fault-Recovery

Post by Don Turrenti » Tue, 30 Jul 1996 04:00:00

2 Questions:

o  How can you tell what fault-recovery you have set for a queue?

o  How can you tell if the filter you have chosen can handle the given

The reason I ask is that I have several printers that are network printers
which I print huge jobs (Genicom Line Printers) which consume several boxes
of paper. If the job is running at night and runs out of paper and I load
more paper the next mornging the print job starts over. This is not what I
want. I would like for it to resume (wait or continue option???) printing
where it left off. Solaris 2.4 with kernel patch 37. Any suggestions?


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1. print faults/recovery under Sol 2.3

I had a slightly strange situation come up yesterday.
We have two Solaris 2.3 boxes (512 and IPX) with two printers
on the IPX.  The two machines were happily sharing the
printers and then we got a print fault on lp2 and the
world came to an end....   The 512 was creating most of
the print jobs and **all** of the queued jobs were being
marked active and not being propagated to the IPX.  The
IPX could no longer print to lp2 (which was not surprising),
but couldn't even after an enable, etc.  I shut down the
print service on both machines but the active jobs on the
512 wouldn't go away.  I ended up manually cleaning out the
spool queue and rebooting the IPX before I could get them
to be rational again.   I have applied the lp patch to both
machines.....  I can't imagine how bad the software must
have been before the patch. :-(    If any of this
rings bells with anyone, I would appreciate some email.


Gord Vreugdenhil

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