Code to print function call backtrace wanted

Code to print function call backtrace wanted

Post by Henk Fictor » Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:00:00


Some weeks (months?) ago source code was posted here to print a function
call backtrace. At that time I didn't think of saving it. Could someone who
did save it send a copy of it to me?

I need it for our application which is C++, multithreaded, running under
Solaris 2.3 (sparc) and compiled with the sun compiler (v4.01). Does the
code work in a 'hostile' environment such as handling a SIGSEGV?


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1. how to know the instruction address of calling function within called function?

Suppose function A call B, are there any ways to know the address of last instruction in A just
before calling B from within B? I would like to do some profiling by substituting B by a routine with record
the time spent on B. I also would like to know the time spent on B in different locations of A
where B is called. If I can know the address of last instruction in A just before calling B, from
debuging info of the excutables, I can find its source code address, therefore know the
time spent on B in differnet locations of A.

I don't want to make any changes to A. "-pg" compiler option for profiling is of no use either,
because there is no source code for B, and there is no object code for B with profiling codes in,
so you can't know the total time spent on B, but only the self time spent on B.

Thanks very much.

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