'rlogin' problem

'rlogin' problem

Post by Mike Jackma » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I've been using 'rlogin' to connect a sun-sparc station to another
machine. 'Open Windows' creates a window in wich I can communicate with
the other machine but if it is left idle for more than a few minutes the
window closes down.

Is there anyway I can stop this ?

Cheers, Mike.

p.s.  Please reply via email as well as usenet.


1. My linux refuses 'rlogin' 'telnet' what is the problem??


I upgraded my Linux to the latest Debian and suddenly
my rlogin and telnet give errors saying, connection

Can anybody tell me what happens when you try to
connect to a Linux with rlogin, telnet?

What config, or program do I have to look at?


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