Maxoptix T5-2600 drive

Maxoptix T5-2600 drive

Post by Achim Grat » Sun, 30 Aug 1998 04:00:00

1) Maxoptix states that you have to disable the "removable media"
setting on Solaris.  If I leave it on, is there any chance I can
convince vold to manage the drive as it does with CD?

2) is there a hack/driver to make Solaris work with 1024bytes/sector
media, preferrably one that only engages for "Device type 7" (MO
media)?  I'm only aware of the Magna Media driver, but I don't know
where to get it without an HP MO drive.  Besides, it does much more
than I need and thus is likely to be more expensive than I'm prepared
to pay for it.

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