Problem upgrading Ultra 60 from Solaris 9 to 10

Problem upgrading Ultra 60 from Solaris 9 to 10

Post by Kralizec Crai » Sat, 26 Nov 2005 11:42:43

Hi everyone,

Today I've decided to have a go at upgrading my Ultra 60 system (this
machine) from Solaris 9 to 10. It has a DVD-ROM drive installed instead of a
plain CD-ROM drive.

First off I tried the Solaris 10 DVD but the machine would not boot from it.
Presumably the OBP needs to have a driver specifically to support DVD's (?)
and v3.23 doesn't seem to have such a driver. The 'devalias' command doesn't
show a 'dvd-rom' or 'dvd' alias.

So I went back to the CD's. Booting off the Solaris 10 1-of-4 CD worked

I was given all the steps to enter system and network config information.
When that was all done and I clicked on the 'confirm' button and the system
produced an error message in the console window. It also kept asking me to
go back and check the settings. I did, just to be sure, but they're the same
as the settings I use now with Solaris 9

The error printed on the install console window was:

---- start ----

runCmd error in /usr/sbin/sysidput with output:
Unable to run cmd: /usr/sbin/sysidput
No sysidcfg found

---- stop ----

I don't have any idea why the install process is producing that error - I
have installed Solaris 10 successfully from scratch on a few other
Ultrasparc-based systems recently without any problems at this point of the

All I can think of at the moment is that because the machine currently has
Solaris 9 installed, the Solaris 10 installation is realising this, trying
to get existing config and setup info out of the existing Solaris 9
installation but failing to get what it needs (maybe because of the program
that can't be executed).

Is this a well-known problem or (so far) a one-off thing? I really do not
want to go along the route of getting another disk, doing a completely fresh
install of Solaris 10, then trying to merge all the data and programs and
other stuff I've added myself from the current Solaris 9 install over into
the filesystems on a different disk with Solaris 10 installed from scratch.

FYI, trying to install Solaris 9 patch kits from SunSolve produces lots of
errors too (mainly error's 2 and 8) - which could be because some packages
that later patches depend on are not present. I have another Ultra 60 in
which patches don't install on at all - looks like some sort of file
permission problem since one of the scripts run by 'patchadd' keeps aborting
whenever a patch install is started on that other system. It's probably
unrelated to the current problem of Sol 10 failing during the first part of
the install setup phase on this machine...

What can be done so that I can successfully and directly upgrade the Solaris
9 installation on this machine to Solaris 10?

Thanks for any advice you can provide - I'm a bit stumped at the moment.



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1. Problem upgrading from Solaris 9 to 10 on Ultra 60

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to do a Solaris 10 upgrade on an Ultra 60 system with 9
currently installed.

The process goes fine during the intitial phase entering system config
data but as soon as the install process tries to move on, it's giving an
error and refusing to continue.

The error message printed in the install console window is:

---- start ----

runCmd error in /usr/sbin/sysidput with output:
Unable to run cmd: /usr/sbin/sysidput
No sysidcfg found

---- stop ----

Any ideas what causes this and how to work around it? Looks like a utility
application is missing, but is it missing in the existing Solaris 9
installation or the Solaris 10 installation being run off the Solaris 10
1-of-4 CD?




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