Solaris7 Netscape & answerbooks on Intel

Solaris7 Netscape & answerbooks on Intel

Post by Thomas Somme » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I have problems to start the answerbooks since the installation of
Netscape on my system. Nothing happens when I try to start the
answerbooks. It seems to me that Solaris don't know the default
webbrowser (which should be Netscape now). The same happens if I click
(in filemanager) on a HTML document, the system try to start something
but at the end ==> nothing.

What can I do??




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Hi all. :-)

I am new to Solaris.
My installation of the x86 Solaris 7 was a VERY smooth ride. :-)

After I installed the OS, I installed the AnswerBook which was on the
Solaris Doc CD.
I then install the StarOffice 5.0

Every thing is working so far, but I wanted to use Netscape to view the
AnswerBook, so I installed the Netscape Communicator 4.5 (via the
WebStart). After I restarted the computer, and...


The AnswerBook doesn't work now (can't load it some how, I think). Also
my StarOffice couldn't start as well. But Netscape works good.

So I uninstalled the Netscape, and everything back to normal (they all
worked again). :-)

I *can* live without Netscape, but since I used to it, and want to keep
using it. I'm looking for a way to make Netscape work *peacefully* with
StarOffice 5.0 and AnswerBook under Solaris 7. Could anyone please,
please help me?

Thank you soo much!


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