solaris FTP server problem

solaris FTP server problem

Post by little wor » Tue, 09 Jan 2001 19:43:50

I use IE to FTP a unix server,but I found all the file and directorys have a
time letter ahead the file name,
How to resolve it ?
Thank you

little worm


1. ftp server problems Solaris 2.3

I am tring to set up an ftp site and having problems. I have followed the
ftpd man page, though when I log in as anonymous, I get in fine but I am
unable to see any files or directors. ie. /etc, /pub ...
I am running this on an IPX Standalone on a TCP network. I am running
Solaris 2.3 with Maintenance Supplement 1 installed.
Can someone help me plese.

Thank you,


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