ssh-agent's resident set size increase 8K after each authentication

ssh-agent's resident set size increase 8K after each authentication

Post by Cellinc » Sun, 05 Jan 2003 01:18:10

I've setup ssh-agent to do scp and rsync jobs in crontab. The system
complained swap space was run out several days ago. And I notice that
ssh-agent has used around 10M RSS (resident set size).  I restarted
ssh-agent, everything seemed back to normal, the RSS was about 1M. But today
ssh-agent became a "large" process again.
I found after each authentication, ( each time a scp job is finished) the
RSS of ssh-agent increase 8K. so it can increase to 10M again in a few days.
It's really weird, because ssh-agent has run on the system for more than 1
year and this problem never happened before. I didn't do any changes to the
system(or at least I don't remember I did). So what cause the resident size
increase and what should I do?

Any help will be appreciated !


ssh-agent's resident set size increase 8K after each authentication

Post by fansha » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 05:08:10

My own agent experience the same thing, it is on OS390, what is your
machine platform?

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