4.3bsd-reno lpd/lpr for Solaris2.2

4.3bsd-reno lpd/lpr for Solaris2.2

Post by YEO ANN KI » Tue, 14 Sep 1993 18:43:11

I have ported 4.3bsd-reno lpd/lpr/lprm/lpq/lpc for Solaris2.2.
Only a few changes are needed to get them going for SunOS5.2.
It needs /usr/ucbinclude and /usr/ucblib to compile and to link successfully.

I don't have a stable anonymous ftp server to store the .tar.Z at the moment.
Anyone cares to store the .tar.Z somewhere for anonymous ftp?

Ann-Kian Yeo, DISCS, NUS, Singapore


1. 4.3bsd-reno lpd/lpr for Solaris2.2

lpr-sol2.tar.gz or lpr-sol2.tar.Z

is available in the following sites:


and another site in Germany which I have lost the address.

Thank for the following people who have responded:

Wilson Leong
Frank G. Fiamingo
David W. Barts


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