Binary Data: Sparc -> x86 ?

Binary Data: Sparc -> x86 ?

Post by Dmitri Dementye » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Is it possible to simply transfer binary data from
Sparc to x86 (both under Solaris) to use from Fortran
or C programs? Or we must to make byte-swap?

              Dmitri Dementyev


1. Sparc <-> PC dvi binaries for simple data types

I would like to have code to write floats, doubles, ints, and short
ints, to a file (in binary, NOT ASCII!) from either a Sparc or a PC w/DOS,
and be able to read it back again from either the Sun or the PC...
Does anyone have the code to do that?  It should look something like:

dvi_write_float(&fnumber)   -- to write a float in device independent manner
dvi_read_float(&fnumber)    -- to read a float in device independent manner

.... and the same for the other data types ...

PLEASE, email directly to me as I don't usually read this newsgroup.
Thanks for any help.


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