Don't know how to mount MO Drive and extended DOS partitions! Help!

Don't know how to mount MO Drive and extended DOS partitions! Help!

Post by Lawrence Le » Sun, 25 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

I'm new to the world of Solaris x86.  I've just installed Solaris 2.4
x86 on my machine and everything went fine.  However, I do not know how
to mount my external MO disk (FAT and SCSI ID 2) and the "extended" DOS
partition resided on the same HD as Solaris, so that I can access files
on them.

I've RTFM, but they seem to tell me how to mount primary DOS partitions

Thanks a lot in advance.



1. how do i mount an extended dos partition or a dos logical partition ?

i need to access/share data with an NT machine (not on a network)
i have 10G removable hard drives
i am trying to put a file system on it to allow access by both linux and
linux won't mount an ntfs file system
the NT person put 4 primary (?) dos partitions on the disk
and if i run fdisk in linux it sees 4 FAT16 partitions
but it will only let me mount the first one

how do i mount the other 3 ?

is there some special way the disk needs to be formated by NT ?

thanks for any help,

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