Q: Any way to reconstruct input to gencat(1)?

Q: Any way to reconstruct input to gencat(1)?

Post by Richard L. Hamilto » Sun, 14 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I'd like to add one or more messages to
(possibly as /etc/dt/lib/nls/msg/C/dthello.cat, if that would be
used) to provide messages for alternate window managers to appear
on the transition screen.

While gencat(1) can apparently merge new messages into an existing
file, I'd feel better about it if I could reconstruct the input
to gencat, which would allow me to keep up with future CDE updates
as well.

Follow-ups set to poster (per RFC-1036, that only allows e-mail
replies).  Will summarize in a week, if there's anything there to

ftp> get |fortune
377 I/O error: smart remark generator failed


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OK, I understand that in order to setup IP Masquerading, I've gotta set up the
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What I have trouble with is this:

        No gencat, so the net utils won't compile.  Where is this little
program hiding?  Site?

        No ipfw, so I can't set up the firewall!

Any help appreciated.

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