Java Media Framework 2.1.1e problems on Solaris 9 4/03 + MU4

Java Media Framework 2.1.1e problems on Solaris 9 4/03 + MU4

Post by Lars Tunkran » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 06:44:01


Java Media Framework 2.1.1e  problems on SPARC/Solaris 9  4/03 + MU4

I have installed the JMF-2.1.1e solaris/SPARC
  performance package  from :

I cant get it to find is CLASSPATH from any browser

This is the setup:

$ cd /usr/JMF-2.1.1e
$ ls
bin  doc  lib
$ echo $JMFHOME
$ cd lib
$ pwd
$ ls
jmf.jar              mediaplayer.jar       multiplayer.jar        sound.jar

According to:

or almost since the pathname is different for JMF-2.1.1e

WHen I run the diagnostics page:

What I get from the diag java-applet is

JMF Diagnostics:

Java 1.1 compliant browser.....Maybe
JMF classes.....Not Found


I get this MSG  regard less If I run
Netscape 4.78
Netscape 7.0
Mozilla 1.4

All of which has the java plugin configured.

Have anyone done this successfully ?


Lars Tunkrans
smtp: lars dot tunkrans at bredband dot net


1. Mozilla 1.4.1 & Java Media framwork 2.1.1e ?

Short version :

   How do I make Mozilla find the Java Media framework Jar's  ?

   Long Version:

   On Solaris 8 :
   SunOS rigel 5.8 Generic_108528-27 sun4u sparc

   I have set up a user with these Env Variables :

    And added /opt/JMF-2.1.1e/lib  to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH  

   These values  are Exported in /etc/profile .
   After following the setup instructions on this URL:

   And Trying to run the diag app on this URL:

    The diag app  says:

   JMF Diagnostics:
   Java 1.1 compliant browser.....Maybe
   JMF classes.....Not Found

   In /opt/mozilla where I have installed mozilla I inserted
   an  "env"  dump  in "" just before it fires off
   the binary.

   there is lots of additional LIBRARY - like variables around.
   Do I need to modify any of these to make mozilla find the
   the JMF  jar's .





   Any comments or ideas ?

   Roland Mainz , what do you think ?

  Regards  //Lars

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