Host id changed when doing a re-install - cannot use the compiler now

Host id changed when doing a re-install - cannot use the compiler now

Post by Santosh R. R » Fri, 22 Apr 1994 02:46:37


I was using Solaris 2.1 till last week. I got a password from SunPro based
on the hostid. Yesterday I installed the early access version (Solaris 2.4)
and the hostid changed !!!! Now I can't use the compiler.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance.



1. at wits end - cannot re-install via cdrom

Ok, this is seriously bummin' me out now.

We just purchased an Ultra-60, it came pre-loaded w/
Sol-2.6 - but we want to re-install with a more
refined partition layout according to our specific
needs.  I'd rather do a re-install than to dork around
with the 'format' util in order to re-partition.

Anyhow - I've done this sorta thing before...
reboot to the prom console, probe scsi's makeing sure
cdrom is located at c0t6, yadda yadda , issue
boot cdrom, viola.

However in this instance, 'cdrom' has been aliased to

mapped using f ( slice 5 ), the solaris cd only has data
on slices a and b, so of course the boot cmd complains
about not being able to open /kernel/unix.

this is where the /kernel dir lives.  Now I recieve
an error saying:

"The file just loaded does not appear to be executable."

Whats up with that?

I've spent the last few hours going over the OpenBoot faq,
and perusing through c.u.s. archives, etc ... as well
making other attempts w/ different arguments and what-not
( the usual grasping-at-straws/flogging-dead-horse type stuff ).

No go.

I'm positive that I'm using the correct device path, and
the cdrom is definately mountable/readable - I have no
problems doing so when booting into the factory installed
system.  One ( perhaps unrelated ) thing that has me a bit
curious is that I do not see a kernel for SUN,Ultra-60 under
the /platform dir on the cd.  We have a cd dated
Aug 97 Revision A, Sparc Edition.

Any suggestions at all will be much appreciated - Thanks.




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