print client can't print to 2.6 printer server

print client can't print to 2.6 printer server

Post by Mike » Thu, 10 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I am not sure if it is a known bug on solaris 2.6.  a print
client could not print to 2.6 printer server with serial
printers attached to it anymore.  I was able to do that
on solaris 4.1.x printer servers.

does anyone encounter this problem before?



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I hope that there are some Solaris printing wizards out there!

Our Solaris print servers are running 2.6 and once patched to the hilt
perform relatively well. We stumbled across a problem yesterday with
a 2.5.1 client cancelling print jobs -- I haven't confirmed that the
issue is restricted to the older OS yet, but...

The situation is this: our 2.6 print server wasn't running lpsched
for a couple of minutes. A client tried to submit a print job from
afar during this period but immediately cancelled the request with
the following entry in /var/lp/logs/lpNet:

    01/16 09:45:16 c  8621 prsygm01 NAKed by remote lpd (67)

Now it seems reasonable that the print server refused to spool the job,
but should the client have immediately thrown away the request? I'd
imagine that it should hold the job and try later? The /etc/lp/Systems
entry for the print server in question specifies a 10 minute retry...

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the subject...


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