Socket strangess on SysV derivatives

Socket strangess on SysV derivatives

Post by Coranth Gryph » Sat, 01 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi. I am developing on various *NIX's using sockets for IPC.
I have run into a problem with all of them (specifically, IRIX 5.2
HP-UX A.09.01, Solaris 2.3, SunOS 4.1.3), except FreeBSD 2.0
(hence the cross-posts).

Summary of Project:
The spawner sits in a loop, connecting (as a client) to a database server
(which we also wrote) using TCP sockets. It gets info from the server about
jobs needing to run (kinda like "at"), and forks a copy of itself to run them
(using "exec") . It traps SIGCHLD  (using "signal" or "sigset" as apropos)
and uses "waitpid" to get the exit status of the child.

The problem:
When the SIGCHLD occurs during the middle of a socket read or write,
on everything execept FreeBSD, the program looses data that is being
sent over the socket. This results in garbage information (except on
IRIX which results in a seg-fault [untracable]).  When I do not trap
the signal (using "sigignore") everything works fine.

Additional Info:
I wrote a test suite which is a simplified version of the above.
It shows the same garbage results on Solaris 2.3, but works fine
on IRIX or HP-UX. Needless to say, it works fine on FreeBSD.

I've tried running things in the de*, but it (gdb) gets confused
when it (the program) does the context switch for the signal, after which
I can't get any useful information.

Does anyone out there have ANY ideas about this?

Reply by email or follow-up to comp.protocols.tcp-ip
Thanx in advance.



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