2.4 i486 and Big SCSI - can't label

2.4 i486 and Big SCSI - can't label

Post by Brian Arno » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Installed a 4.2 GB Seagate SCSI Drive for news spooling.

1) formatted OK
2) fdisk'ed OK (single logical drive, all solaris - no dos or any others)
3) contains partition table
4) WON'T LABEL. Get messages in SYSLOG about logical block out of range.
5) Not able to 'newfs'

Maybe a stupid question, but are the SCSI drivers (ADAPTEC 2950W) and kernel
able to support drives of this size?

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1. 2.4 i486 and Large SCSI - won't label

Installed 4.0 GB Seagate drive on Adaptec 2940/2940W controller.

1) System sees the drive
2) formatted OK
3) fdisk'ed ok (100% Solaris, no others)
4) Won't label
5) Won't newfs

Get messages in SYSLOG about 'logical block out of range'.

Are the drivers and kernel capable of supporting this size SCSI drive?

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