Problem installing Solaris 2.5 x86 from hard disk...

Problem installing Solaris 2.5 x86 from hard disk...

Post by Red Barchet » Sun, 31 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I know there has been some discussion here about whether or not it is even
possible to install Solaris from a hard disk, but I missed most of it and
decided to go ahead and try it.  I copied all of the files from the CD to
the primary partition of my second HD with the intent of installing to another
partition on the same physical disk.  I then tried booting with both the boot
disk that came with the CD and with the DU1 boot disks.  Each time, I got to
the part where I am given the menu of drives to boot from.  I tell it to boot
from the drive that contains the files.  At this point, I hear the hard disk
being accessed, and then the system freezes with a blank monitor.  This leads
me to believe that Solaris has seen its install files (especially since, when
I tell it to boot from a drive that *doesn't* have install files on it, I get
a "PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT" message), but for some reason is unable to handle
them.  Does anyone know a) if it is possible to install Solaris from a hard
drive (the fact that a network install is possible, with the files on a remote
hard drive, leads me to guess that it is), and b) what else is involved in the
install process that I have missed so far?

In case you are wondering why I need to install from the HD in the first place,
it is because Solaris does not see my CD-ROM...



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help, currently I am try to install solaries 2.5 on 2.5 GIG WD IDE
HD, but I found the limitation, if I using LBA, the Solaris only
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what I suppose to do, I try to install win95 in the first partition.
and winnt in the second partition and solaries 2.5 on the third
partion, if there is LBA, that solaries can recognize it, that's
going to be better, anyone can help me with it ?


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