ASUS A7A-266 install problems?

ASUS A7A-266 install problems?

Post by Eric » Mon, 23 Jul 2001 09:05:17

When I try to install Solaris(Intel 4/01) from Disk1 or the floppy DCA all I
get is the first blue screen which appears to stall half way though loading
with no error messages.
I am using a ASUS A7A-266 motherboard with a 1.2G CPU. Matrox G400 VGA and
512SDRam. --ALL are on the HCL.
Has anyone got this board to work with Solaris?
I have specifically upgraded this board and I first checked the HCL to
ensure compatibility but now am just frustrated because it appears not to
run(my older board worked OK).
Any Ideas?
any help appreciated
regards Eric.

1. A7A-266 m/b & Solaris - does it work?

Has anyone got the ASUS A7A-266 and Athlon to work with Solaris 8?
It is listed on the HCL but no matter what I try I can't seem to get it to
even install. (all my other hardware is on the hcl and worked fine on a
previous board)
I would appreciate knowing if anyone has this same set-up or even had the
same problems as mine.
Thanking you for any replies

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