how to get extra columns in CDE/dtmail window?

how to get extra columns in CDE/dtmail window?

Post by Manju Arasai » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 22:26:50

I want to see the "recipient" column when I open my sent.mail box.
This way I can select all the mails I have sent to anyone.

It is the TO: COLUMN so that when you open your inbox or sent-mail
box, you can see columns (for all your mails like in out-look)
sender-column, reciepient or To column,
Date column, size column etc. so, in dtmail, I want to have the extra
in the dtmail system (upper-portion of the dtmail window - not in the
body of the mail).

Right now the columns are only: Sender, Subject, Date/time and size.
Is there a way to add extra columns in dtmail? (like in outlook)



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