Printing to laserjet from Solaris 1.1.1

Printing to laserjet from Solaris 1.1.1

Post by Heather Turcot » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 06:16:58

Please help - I am new to SUN & am trying to set up for printing from
Solaris 1.1.1 to my Laserjet IIP.  I set up the /etc/printcap as follows:
jetIIP|IIP|HP laserjet II P:\
When I send a file to be printed (using lpr -PjetIIP <filename>), I can see
using lpc that there is 1 entry in the spool area for about 2 seconds,
and then "no entries".  Nothing comes out.  I tried catting to /dev/ttyb
and nothing comes outs on the printer, but I do see something on the
transmit line.          
Any, ANY hints, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.

Heather Turcotte


1. solaris, hp laserjet and netgear print server

've networked my hp laserjet 6L with netgear's ps110 print server
and it works great for pc's.  now i'm trying to get my sparc20 running
solaris 2.6 to print to it.

so far, i've done the following (where "sol" is the printserver's
hostname and "sol_lj" is the printer itself):

    # lpadmin -p sol_lj -m netstandard -o protocol=bsd -o dest=sol
      -o nobanner -v /dev/null -D "HP LaserJet 6L" -T hplaser
    # accept sol_lj
    # enable sol_lj

my questions:

* when i print text files to it, textfiles are getting confused with
  the unix/pc CRLF difference, so i have to run unix2dos on files
  before i send them to the printer.  is there any way to get this
  to happen automatically?

* how do i print postscript files to it?  can i do this with some
  standard solaris component or do i have to use ghostscript?

* i keep hearing about hp's jetadmin for solaris.  does it only work
  with hp print servers or will it work with those from netgear also?



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