IPLT Directory Server 5.1 and Sun One Directory Server 5.1 Difference ?

IPLT Directory Server 5.1 and Sun One Directory Server 5.1 Difference ?

Post by Sean O'Neil » Sat, 08 Feb 2003 14:42:48

Curious if there is any different between IPLT Directory Server 5.1
and Sun One Directory Server 5.1.

I just got the IPLT 5.1 distro that comes with Solaris 9 working and I
noticed the Sun ONE Directory 5.1 server has a Service Pack 1.

Is this service pack appropriate for the IPLT Directory server
packages in Solaris 9 ?


1. Sun ONE Directory Server 5.1 Patch questions

I am running Sun One Directory Server 5.1 on a Sun Sparc computer.  
I installed security patch #113859-04.  After the patch was installed,
I restarted the system and it seems to be working fine.

However, after installing the patch I received the following message:

You now need to update the Configuration Directory Server
to reflect the new configuration data for both
Administration and Directory Servers.

To do that, you need to modify in the Configuration Directory
Server the 2 entries "cn=iPlanet Directory Server" and
"cn=Netscape Administration Server" of the relevant Server
Group with new values for
nsbuildnumber and nsproductversion attributes.

Correct values for build numbers can be found in:
/usr/iplanet/ds5/setup/slapd/slapd.inf and

The product version for Directory Server should be set to:
5.1 Service Pack 4.
Product version for the Administration Server should not be changed.

A example script is also provided to help perform these updates:

I am not an ldap expert.  I tried running the example script but
it died due to invalid credentials.

Is there a place on the Sun One console where I can update this
information?  Is it really necessary to update this information?

Thanks for any information you can give.

David Swanger

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