Running Solaris 2.6 On IBM Aptiva S90

1. IBM Aptiva S90

I'm a bit new to linux, but i'd like to know if there's a version out
there that will run on my system:

My system is
Processor/Machine Type Pentium MMX 200 Mhz IBM
Numeric Processor .... Internal
Bus Type ............. ISA, PCI
Primary Video ........ VGA <---- (ATI 3D RAGE II)
  Video BIOS ......... ATI [VBE Version 2.0]
  Text Base Address .. B800h
  Video RAM Size ..... 2048K
DOS Hard Drives ...... C:[999M] D:[999M] E:[1094M]
DOS Floppy Drives .... B:[1.44M]
Clock Type ........... AT
COM Ports ............ COM1[3F8h] COM2[2F8h]
LPT Ports ............ LPT1[3BCh]
Mouse Driver ......... 2 button mouse

my sound card is a Crystal PnP Audio System, my modem is an AT&T
WinModem. (i wouldn't be surprised if my modem won't work with linux).

Oh, my monitor is a IBM 7095 Multimedia monitor.
Synchronization Range: horiz freq 30khz-89khz, vert freq 50hz-120hz.

Incase there's anyone else out there with this same system, it's the IBM
Aptiva S90.

I have successfully installed Slackware Linux 3.0 (Linux kernel 1.2.13).
It works for the most parts, except it couldn't detect my PCI or
something, so my video card wasn't detected, and i couldn't run XWindows

I know the version of Linux i have is old, so if anyone can tell me if
the newest version available will work with my system, then that'll save
me the trouble of buying it and finding out that it doesn't work.

Also, if you can, e-mail me a reply along with a follow up post, cuz i
don't trust my news reader that much. but i'll try to check it more
often now... =)

Thanks in advance to everyone....

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