BRIEF/vi Compatible GUI Text Editor

BRIEF/vi Compatible GUI Text Editor

Post by Rohit Mehrot » Tue, 17 May 1994 09:16:33


The purpose of this mail is to announce the availability of CRISP 4.1.9 via
anonymous FTP.

For folks not familiar with CRISP, it is a BRIEF/vi compatible, _truly_
graphical text editor on Unix and Windows platforms that offers some of
the most advanced set of features combined with an exceptional ease of
use that is unheard of under UNIX.

UNIX WORLD rated CRISP as the 'EDITOR TO BEAT', whereas UNIX REVIEW rated
CRISP as "THE ONLY EDITOR YOU MAY EVER NEED". Now it is your turn to check
it out and see for yourself, how far behind the competition is.

CRISP 4.1 can be anonymous FTP'd from:
Name of Archive:       ( or
Directory For CRISP Binaries:   /vendor/vital

For information regarding its availability, features, pricing etc., send a
mail detailing your requirements to:

Available From:
                        4109 Candlewyck Drive
                        Plano, TX 75024, U.S.A
                        Ph:  +1 (214) 491-6907
                        Fax: +1 (214) 491-6909


1. BRIEF/vi Compatible GUI Text Editor

The X version (vcr) wants  Does anyone know where to find it?
Isn't that a rather old lib? doesn't seem to be compatible.

BTW, the text version is very impressive so far.  Could this FINALLY be the
Linux GUI word-processor everyone has been waiting for.

-- Kevin

Kevin Fluet               WorldGate Public Access Internet

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