60-second SCSI timeout?

60-second SCSI timeout?

Post by John Amp » Sat, 09 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I modified the sample SCSI driver (sst.c) for a SCSI PCMCIA card reader.
It is working fine but with one small hitch:  scsi_transport() seems to
honor any pkt_time under 60 seconds, but my commands always get timed
out after 60 seconds when I set higher values of pkt_time.  This is a
problem because formatting larger memory cards can take several minutes.
I had no such difficulty under SunOS 4.*.  Does anyone know where this
limit of 60 is coming from?

A related question: I am new to SCSI drivers, but it does not seem
reasonable to me that the card reader (MCDISK by MPL) should hold the
SCSI bus while the format is in progress -- but this is what is
happening (no disk I/O happens until the format finishes).
scso_transport() says that it is sending asynchronously.  Am I missing
something obvious or is this a limitation of the target device?


John Ampe
BFGoodrich Aerospace


1. 60 second timeout in login, HELP!

        I have installed Linux on a slow machine. (Currently 386dx40 w
2megs of ram, and a 16 meg swap partition.)
        Yah Yah,I know, I know, I have 8mb of RAM on order.......
Anyways, I can not log in, because the login times out after 60 seconds.
(ie, its to dang slow!)
        I don't mind waiting a horable amount of time for programs to
run/load AFTER I get loged in, (at least untill I get my 8mb of ram...)
but I still need to be able to log in in the first place.
        Any ideas on how to make it log me in, without timeing out after
60 seconds? (or do I have to wait untill my 8megs get here? :<)
A tipical session looks something like this:

Welcome to Linux 1.4.59
Darkstar login: ROOT    (* I typed the ROOT... and a CR*)
Login timed out after 60 seconds....

Welcome to Linux 1.4.50
Darkstar login: ROOT  ...e.tc....etc...etc...etc...etc..
(BUT, with a LONG time between lines...heheheheheh, and a LOT of swap
Any suggestions?

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