inetd arg limits

inetd arg limits

Post by Paul Greg » Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Solaris (2.5) inetd currently only allows 5 args, one of which is argv[0].

I've a POP3 server which needs 8 arguments and so I'm being forced to wrap
a shell script around the rest though I'm unhappy about the security in this.
Is there any way to increate inetd's pathetically small limits?

Paul Gregg
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1. Arg!!! inetd only lets me use 5 arguments

This really isn't a complaint, or a request for information.  It's
just to let everyone know that inetd restricts you to using 5
arguments.  This is a very difficult problem to debug, especially if
you don't have the source to inetd lying around.

So FYI, inetd programs can't be started with more than 5, count em'
five arguments.

That is all.


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