Looking for Solaris based intranet development tool for dynamic database development

Looking for Solaris based intranet development tool for dynamic database development

Post by lvir.. » Wed, 08 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Is anyone aware of a commercial or free tool which provides one with the
rapid development benefits of the full Cold Fusion development suite
as is available today on Windows NT but for development and deployment on
SPARC Solaris?

I know that a portion of the Cold Fusion environment is available for
SPARC Solaris, however, the Cold Fusion developer inhouse with whom
I've been consulting has indicated that only the 'runtime environment', if you
will, is available for SPARC/Solaris, and that even it isn't "as good (sic)"
as it is on Windows NT.

Surely something comperable but with full development support for SPARC
Solaris is available.

I also understand that one can, with Java, Perl, C, Tcl, whatever, write with
CGIs all that Cold Fusion can do.  However, with limited resources for
development, any kind of additional 'power' that can be dedicated towards
more rapid development of HTML page generation merging SQL, minimal
programming languages, various programming language support, etc. may
be useful.

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