Enterprise Agents question?

Enterprise Agents question?

Post by Scott Hallet » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 02:50:08

Have a quick question concerning SNMP on a Solaris box....

I have downloaded SEA 1.3 and uninstalled the old stuff
and installed the new stuff like the install doc says...

My question is:
When it comes up snmpdX starts and I can browse the MIB
tree for the enterprise stuff but not the MIB-2 stuff.

I look at the /var/adm/messages file and it says:
"snmpdx: agent smnpd not responding"

Does any know how to get this "mibiisa" Sun
subagent to work????

Ive read the docs and combed the news groups
and cant find anything????

Thanks in advance....


  Scott Hallett
  Staff Consultant
  Exodus Communications


1. Sun Solstice Enterprise Agent

Hi everyone,

I need some help with the Sun Sol. Agent configuration.  I've created
an SNMP trap agent (not using the Sun toolkit) and would like to
integrate it with Sun Sol. Main agent.  However, I don't know which
port where Sun Sol. communicates with an SNMP trap agent.  Is that
information configurable?  Can I set it some where in the .rsrc
or .reg?  Also, I'm not sure how to set the community string for Sun
Sol. agent.  I've tried it several times and it didn't work according
to Sol. document.  Only the community string for MIB2 seems to work
fine.  If you know anything about these topics, drop me a few lines.

Thanks in advance

Kim Tran

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