Removing a disk from a diskset

Removing a disk from a diskset

Post by John Hal » Sun, 27 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I want to remove a disk from one of my solstice disksets. No matter what I
try it tells me that the disk is in use. I have unmounted the disk, and run
'metaset -s diskset -d disk', and even run metadb to remove the database
from slice 7 but to no avail - the disk is still in use.
Any advice please.

John Hall
Burnley UK


Removing a disk from a diskset

Post by John Hal » Wed, 30 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Problem solved - run metaclear.

John Hall
Burnley UK


1. disksets .... adding and removing hosts ... adding disks

I am currently experimenting on disksets with Solaris9 __WITHOUT__
clustering. After several inquiries, Sun said that they do support
disksets without clustering, as long as you use at least Solari9. They
will not support disksets without clustering with Solaris8 and lower.

I have a StoreEdge 3310 disk array attached to a Sun E220R. Assuming that
I have the disksets defined from the 220R and I want to physically add
another host to the StorEdge 3310 in a single-bus configuration ( both
hosts seeing the same disks ), where do I execute the metaset command (
metaset -h ) to add the new host to the diskset? Do I execute it on the
existing host, or on the new host ?

Also, I am not clear on what is meant by adding disks to a diskset. If you
have added another disk to an existing diskset which currently only have 1
disk, how is data layed-out on the disks in the diskset ? Just
contiguously ?


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