iPlanet web server problem

iPlanet web server problem

Post by Yan Zh » Tue, 27 Mar 2001 09:24:45

hey all,

    this might be a little off topic, but here goes:
    running solairs 2.7 with iplanet web server 4.1 sp3.

    iplanet is configured to run with the user www, group developer.

    now, I want everyone in the group developer to be able to stop/start
so I did a setuid on the stop start script, no go, any other user
www excute the script would either exit with code 1 or complaing it
find the library. I checked lib path etc everything seems to be fine.

    what you guys think?

    thanks. email if possible please.



iPlanet web server problem

Post by Lon Stowe » Thu, 29 Mar 2001 13:07:30


>hey all,

>    this might be a little off topic, but here goes:
>    running solairs 2.7 with iplanet web server 4.1 sp3.

>    iplanet is configured to run with the user www, group developer.

   This is the user that the webserver runs as... NOT the user
   that can admin the server.

   Iplanet server have an administration server [or server console
   which can handle multiple iPlanet products] for starting and
   stopping as well as configuring the server itself.

   If you are using standard port numbers, only someone with
   root credentials can start and stop the webserver, as it
   uses ports below 1024.  

   [more detail in the admin docs, available at docs.iplanet.com or in
    your server.]


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